Your Business Video Promotions

When you investigate making your own video promotions you are assaulted by an ever growing range of tools and technologies to use.  For example, you could make animated cartoons in PowerPoint or more advanced technology such as Powtoon.

You could choose ‘whiteboard’ style through Videoscribe, or grab a recording of your computer screen and narrate it with a voice-over.  There are many other options to choose from and they all have a place, but what are the best options for you?

The Best Video Promotions

The most powerful and engaging video promotions you can make are the ones where you step up in front of the camera.  You are your business, you are passionate about your business and you know your products and services intimately.

Therefore, who is the best person to promote your business, directly to your customers, simply and with authority?  From your customer's viewpoint, there is nothing like being able to look someone in the eyes to decide whether they are trustworthy and authentic.

We all buy from people we trust and your customers are no different.  They need to know if they can like and trust you.  A single video promotion will not achieve that goal, but a series of specifically targeted videos, aimed at an equally specific audience, should win the day.

When you are talking to your audience from their computer screen it is as though you are talking with them directly.  You cannot hide, you cannot pretend.  It is very important to be yourself because you are your most valuable asset. 

Confidence and Energy

Portraying confidence and energy to your audience during your video promotions, is super important.  A series of promotional videos will guide your audience through a, largely subliminal, process towards your most wanted response; your call to action.

Making video promotions is an intentional act, so your actions also have to be intentional.  That does not mean that you have to be ‘Mr Serious-face,’ but you do have to show your confident face.

Many people have confidence issues when in front of a camera lens.  Even those who are happy to smile at a still camera can become paralyzed when a video camera comes into view.

If you can relate to that situation, then you have some work to do before the cameras roll, but it’s not difficult.  After all, a video is only a series of still shots.

Do you believe in the product or service you are about to promote?  Of course you do.  So to help boost your on-camera confidence, ask yourself,

  • "Why do I believe in what I am promoting?” 
  • "How is it the best product or service for the customer viewing this video?"

Write down the answers to remind yourself.  Your confidence in your business will turn that nasty video lens into the image of a happy smiling customer.

Practice ~ Practice ~ Practice

Have no fear, you will fluff-up.  Sometimes my tongue seems to go into 'disconnect mode' and do it's own thing causing my words to come out, “Ble, ble, ble.”  It’s a very rare professional who can pull off a totally fluff-free production every time, so join the gang.

What to do now?

  • Read through and understand the essence of your notes, dot-points, or script. – I’ll talk about scripts another time.  Essentially, don’t use them unless you are a good actor.
  • Sit yourself down in front of your webcam or other device and turn it on.
  • Film yourself over and over again with the same idea or theme.
  • Study the results.  What do you like?  What don’t you like?
  • Work on what you don’t like to make improvements.
  • Keep each individual take of your video; you will need them for comparison.
  • Repetition breeds success, so repeat the above process over and over. 

Positive reinforcement is very important, so keep replaying your video takes, often.  You will see how far you have come from your first shaky spluttering to your new, far better, delivery.  The confidence gained from this positive reinforcement will be massive!

You Are a Star!

What's Your Style?

You may not think you have a style, but you do.  Everyone develops their own personal approach in front of a lens and it’s not surprising.  That style is your personality setting itself free.  It is who you are and that sincerity will definitely connect with your audience.

As you practice be aware of your style, revel in it and work on it.  It is the essence of you and that is what your audience is looking for.

If you try to copy somebody else, you will impress nobody.  When you step in front of the camera lay back on your individual, authentic style and take your audience on a happy trip.

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