Video Marketing Online
5 Good Reasons to Use it in Your Business

There are many reasons to use video marketing online, though the exact number is probably unknown.  Some people use video for reasons that are individual to them and their given circumstances at the time.

You can often read a lot of hype suggesting that if you don’t immediately launch your business onto a full scale video marketing campaign, you are doomed.  Your business will shrink like plastic wrapping on a hot stove until it's just a foggy blur on the business landscape. 

I first heard that line of talk back in 2005.  It wasn’t true then and still isn’t.  Having said that, the use of video marketing online has become, not only acceptable, but in some cases, even essential. 

Five Good Reasons For Video Marketing Online

There are a lot more reasons favoring the use of using video marketing online than there are against.  Here are just five of them.

Video puts a human face to your business

Flyers, newspaper and magazine adds, even with the best sales copy, are bland in comparison with personalized video.  We are not talking about hyped up, TV style sales videos because on the internet they don’t work.  They fail the personality test and don’t get watched.

People buy from those they trust.  So if can come across as someone who not only has the right answers, but also cares about customers, you will become trusted.  Your viewers will turn into leads and enter your sales funnel.

Tip; lay back!  You are professional in your line of business; you are not a professional broadcaster.  You will make bloopers, everybody does and your viewers will appreciate your sense of humor.

Video gets sheared a lot.

Many years ago, even if you could afford business video, you were very restricted to where you could show it.  Today, with a multitude of social media and video sharing sites, the world is your oyster.

Any video you make can now be viewed and shared both locally and globally.  So if you want to boost sales in your bakers shop, make a funny behind-the-scenes video.  The boss getting covered in flower, or making an amusing pastry.


Video can establish you in your market.

If your online market has a lot of established competition, using video marketing online can turn the tables in your favor.  Established competition tends to be old school with websites covered in acres of text, which gives you the advantage.

People skim through text looking for something interesting.  They don’t read very much.

When you enter on the scene with your short, bright, interesting videos; you gain the spotlight.  The right videos will earn you credibility within your niche so fast that you will leap-frog over your competition.

While on the subject of speed…….


Video Marketing is Fast.

Words are indeed the most powerful drug, but in today’s fast-paced online world, the written word can be a drug that sends you to sleep.  Although I for one love writing I also realize that the written word moves at a snail’s pace when compared to the speed of video.


Video Marketing is Inexpensive

A strange statement you may think.  But before you throw your arms in the air and start quoting the prices of cameras, lighting and microphones, bear with me.

Yes, there may have to be an investment of some kind, but to start with you probably already have a lot of the gear you need.  For example, do you have;

  • A Smartphone? Tick!  There’s your camera.
  • A plug in mic for your phone? Tick!  There’s your lapel microphone.
  • A couple of table lamps?  Tick!  There’s your lighting.

You might need to do a bit of juggling, but there you have enough equipment to produce a talking head video.  Add to that, have you worked out the cost of not using video? 

How do you get your web page or article on the first page of Google?  You could pack the page with fantastic keywords and wait months for it to be found and indexed by the search engines.  Or maybe shell out your cash on a pay-per-click campaign, which probably won’t produce much return anyway.  Ouch!

No, it's video marketing online that will jump you ahead of your competition.  It is by far the cheapest and most effective method of getting your message out.

Another quiet tip; GOOGLE SPIDERS LOVE VIDEO.  But don’t tell your competition.


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