Video Editing Tips For Your Business Promotions

These video editing tips will help you on the road to making professional looking marketing videos.  You have written out some ideas for the message you are sending and shot some footage.  What next? 

Your challenge is to piece it all together the completed masterpiece in a gift-wrapped form that will woo your waiting audience.  Here are a few video editing tips to get you going.

Video Editing Tips

  • Be organized                                                        

Even if you are only making a simple slideshow or talking head video, keep everything you need for it in one folder on your computer.  It makes editing life so much easier.

  • Kiss your video

Keep It Short and Simple.  You know how important it is to promote your business and you are keen to tell everything, but slow down a bit.  

You only have a few seconds to grab your audience, so keep it short and tantalizing.  If you hook their interest at the beginning, they will watch the whole video and may come back for more information.

If you find your video is getting too long, make two or three videos out of it. 

Also if you keep your video short and simple, very little editing will be needed. 

  • Call to action

Maybe not all of your videos, but most of them will benefit from a call to action!  You need to invite your audience to do something.  It could be to sign up for your newsletter, or to just click on a link to another page or video. 

When someone takes the action, they become a little more involved with you and your business.  Your products and services are genuine, so it's not a trap, or a trick, it's a process of growing a friendship.

  • One theme at a time

Each video you plan will tell a simple story about just one aspect of your business.  It will then lead your viewers towards your call to action.  If you include more than one subject your video will become broken and your viewers confused.

The video will add no value to your audience and they will be gone.

  • All that stuff you'll never need

Modern video editing programs boast many tools. They have an array of functions such as filters and transitions that do amazing things.  But just because they are there, doesn't mean that you need them or have to use them.

The vast majority of video editing is achieved with a few simple techniques.  As your editing skills improve you may want to use some more advanced tools, but not too many, eh!

  • Transitions 

The cut is the most basic of all transitions.  In fact it’s almost not a transition because one shot stops and is immediately followed by the next without any blending.  It is easy to do and easy on the viewer’s eyes, so it should make up the majority of your transitions.

  • Fades:

The cut may be  the most simple transition, but the fade is close behind.  These are the only two transitions that you really NEED.  There is a place for the others, but not usually a need.

There are three types of video fades.  Fade in, fade out and cross-fade.

  • The fade in is where the screen is black and the vision slowly appears.
  • The fade out is the opposite.  The video slowly fades from vision into blackness.
  • The cross-fade is where the end of one clip overlaps the beginning of the next so that the two dissolve from the first to the second.

There are certainly some spectacular transitions available but if you use them, especially in short promotional videos, they can become distracting.  A distracted customer is a lost customer.

  • Text and Titles

Titles let your audience know what they're about to watch – “Designing A New Video Widget.”  Further text in the form of subtitles, such as – “Ideal For Marketing Video” – can help to qualify the title.

Choose fonts that stand out from the background or change the background to suit the font. If your viewers have difficulty reading the text, they won’t bother. 

  • Insert editing

This is an easy and effective technique that can provide impressive results.  It involves using a single video clip and cutting in B roll, or images, while retaining the original audio track.

An advantage is that you don’t have the problem of matching audio between two shots.  You can use this method in a simple ‘talking head’ video to create variation which increases interest and connection with your audience.


Editing short marketing videos need not be difficult.  If you ignore all the bells and whistles of modern editing programs and get familiar with the essential basics, your editing life will be so much easier. You can always build your knowledge and skills as you go.

Hopefully, these video editing tips will help.

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