Video Business Cards

How To Make The Perfect Script

Video business cards are short, to the point videos introducing you and your business.  They set you apart from your competition and can quickly provide a lot of good information. 

Use them to describe the uniqueness of your business, or a part of your business.  No ordinary business card can showcase your personality the way video can.

Simple Video Busines Card Example

Scripting For Video Business Cards

What do you want to achieve by making the video and who is going to view it?  Who is it aimed at? Think of your target audience and then picture your ideal viewer.  What is that person looking for and how can you help?

You could script your video around your favorite ‘elevator pitch’ if you have one, but beware.  Elevator pitches are very time sensitive which can cause a sense of urgency and a desire to quickly blurt out a lot of information.

The message becomes so brief and generalized that it has little perceived relevance to the specific needs of the listener.  It's better to give a reduced amount of targeted information along with contact details, so that any questions can be answered.

Think of the content of your message.  What value can you give to this person?  Your business will have more than one thing of value, but the people viewing your video also have differing needs.  What is it that will appeal to those individual needs?

When scripting your video business card, give consideration to the specific needs of your targeted audience.  Be specific and have only one subject, or group of similar subjects, per video.

If you feel you need to provide more information, make a separate video.

Drafting Your Script

Who do you want to reach with your video?  To ask the same question another way; Who needs what you will be describing?

Let’s say you have a landscaping business servicing the domestic market and you offer a range of services such as;

  • Garden design 
  • Plant selection 
  • Soil improvement 
  • Irrigation 
  • Water features
  • Lighting
  • Outdoor kitchens.

You want to increase your business by providing and servicing indoor plants to businesses.  Who would be your target audience? 

That service would be needed by businesses employing office staff.  Small to medium sized businesses fit that bill, so small to medium sized businesses become your ‘who.’  Knowing who you want to reach is the  most important question to answer.

Once you know who, ask yourself;

  • What are you helping them with? 
  • Why do they need you? 
  • Why do you care?
  • How do you know how to help them?
  • How and where can they contact you?

Ask yourself as many “who, what, why, how, when and where” questions as you need to get the full picture.  Your answers will provide the draft script for your video business card. 

But remember to KISS.  Keep It Short and Simple!  30 seconds is probably too short.  Your viewers will not gain much so they may click away from your page.  Too short is a waste of time, but if it's too long it becomes a different type of video. 

The sweet spot for a business video card is somewhere between 60 and 90 seconds.

The Format of Your Video

Whether you want to produce a talking head video, or a slideshow with photos, text and maybe a voice-over, is up to you.  What best suits you, your style, the subject matter and most importantly, your potential customer.

Start with an introduction to you and your business.  Then give your specific and unique message. Finally give your contact details.  They could include your phone number, email address, website and physical address, if you have one.

Prominently feature your business logo at the beginning and end.  Any text and fonts should display your brand colors.

Include a strong call to action.  It may be to follow you on social media, visit another web-page, or sign up for your monthly newsletter.  BUT NO SELLING!  Sales videos are a different beast altogether.

What To Do With Your Video

Your shiny new video now has to live somewhere, so that it can be seen and your website is a very good place to start.  Where on your website is a matter of personal choice, but your “About Us” page is an obvious option.  Your “Home” page is another strong possibility.

Social media is another great place.  Put your video business card prominently on your business Facebook page.

Drop it into your email signature, you never know how far it might travel.  If you send out a monthly newsletter, include it there as well.

You can’t talk about business video without including YouTube.  Upload your video to your company's YouTube channel and include relevant keywords in your description.  Start your description with a link back to your own website;

 ~ http://www.YOUR BUSINESS URL ~ Followed by your video description..........

Do-It-Yourself video business cards are inexpensive and easy to make.  You probably already have enough equipment to produce a remarkably professional looking video.  START NOW; your business will love you for it.

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