Marketing Video Background Music

What does video background music achieve?  Music is the fine tuning dial, it helps to control the mood and emotions of the viewer.  If your vision and background music are in harmony, your video will successfully achieve it’s intended message.

If you need convincing, take a look at this short, re-edited clip from Star Wars.

The tension builds as the depleted rebel forces re-group. The Emperor’s Death Star looms near and in a final struggle our brave heroes plunge towards their deadly target, to the tune of……….

Where was the feeling of danger in that clip?

Video Background Music is in Control

It is said that music is 50% of the viewer’s experience, but that’s not true.  Music is responsible for a lot more than that. Happy music is uplifting, while sinister sounding music creates feelings of danger and fear.  Remember the shark attacks in “Jaws”?  I still shudder.

To quote an unknown author;

“Music is what feelings sound like.”

You might be selling a product, a service or maybe just an idea, it doesn’t matter.  The purpose of your video is to reach out to the viewer and encourage some form of action to be taken. 

People buy through emotion and passion far more than any need or logic.  So if music stirs emotions, correctly chosen video background music can help influence your viewers into action.

In the words of John Dryden,

“What passion cannot music raise and quell”!

Here is another example of how, by changing only the background music, a simple 20 second video clip has moved from a happy, fun experience to.........?   Which holiday destination would you prefer?

How's Your Taste in Music?

Your personal tastes in music have nothing to do with what is the right background music for your production.

You may love the classics, or country and western.  Perhaps the latest offerings of Hip Hop, Rap, or Grunge gets you bopping around, but stop. There are a number of very good reasons why you must choose wisely.

The first reason is that most popular music is, quite rightly, protected by copyright.  Therefore, if you use it without a license the specter of copyright lawyers will loom into your life and they can hurt.

Although you may love a particular number your potential clients may not.  If they are irritated by the music they will hit the stop button and disappear from your website and your life.

You could shrug your shoulders and say, “so what, they have no taste,” but you have just waved goodbye to a customer for no good reason!  Not a good marketing strategy.

Do not use tunes from television programs or movies. As soon as it starts to play, lovely though it may sound, your viewer will immediately be distracted and think about the movie or television program. Your product or service will not be remembered.  

The goal is to keep the viewers interest in the subject of your video, not in the music.

Don't Cause Mental Conflict

If you were selling a boat or sailing equipment, then it would certainly be appropriate to play some happy, nautical sounding music.  But playing, “My Darling Clementine” would not be uplifting.  After all, she drowned.

So anything negative such as storms, sinking, danger, fear, or even the slightest hint of that famous lady’s maiden voyage in 1912 could cause mental conflict.

The Titanic

Video background music can help lift your production and tune your viewer’s emotions in a positive fashion.  But badly chosen music can also destroy your video.

You can have the finest video footage, but if that is edited with music that is not in harmony with the story, your viewers will be lost and not understand the message.  A video promoting the health benefits of a relaxing, warm bath is unlikely to be enhanced by a Punk, or Heavy Metal backing track.

It is important that your chosen video background music complement your video, not dominate it. Good background music for video is almost not heard at all. It should be there, gently toying with the viewer’s emotions, without being noticed.

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