Using Quotations For Motivational Video

We all need a bit of motivation and using quotations for inspirational video can be just what is needed to lift the spirits. Your customers and clients are no different, they also have 'bad hair' days and need a helping hand.

You have the opportunity to be that help. Inspire them by using quotations in your communications.

If you inspire and motivate your customers, they will remember you.

Even those of us who have the steeliest self-motivation can benefit through the timely wise words of others.  We all need communication with others, some form of external stimulation beyond our own, sometimes myopic, vision.  Using quotations can help promote that little light bulb moment of inspiration that gives clarity and new perspective to our thought processes and motivates our next move. 

But motivation is not a one-off boost that lasts indefinitely.

A fact that inspired Zig Ziglar to state,

“People often say that motivation doesn't last.

Well, neither does bathing.

That's why we recommend it daily.”

Using Quotations In Short Inspirational Videos.

There are many excellent websites offering untold numbers of phrases, quotes and sayings along with images designed to illustrate the message.  At we wanted to take the experience a step further.  To express the words and thoughts of others in a way that animates, emphasizes and illuminates the essence of the meaning, making them easier to understand and remember. 

Using quotations in the video format, with the addition of music, makes them more memorable;

What passion cannot music raise and quell!  ~ John Dryden

There are many very deep and meaningful quotes from eminent people both past and present.  Their words often pointing out aspects of life which sometimes, in hindsight, appear obvious causing us to nod in agreement.  But we don't have to be too serious. 

A light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek view of life can raise a relaxing smile, create a new thought, or breathe new life into a faltering thought process.  Sometimes the quot doesn't even need to project any particular meaning; just the distraction of being amusing can be enough.

When you read a relevant quote or saying that resonates with you, it can be like having your own internal coach supporting and encouraging you to believe in yourself and what you are doing.

Inspiration For Business

If you are in business, short inspirational videos can help motivate and inspire not only yourself, but also your colleagues, partners or staff to think of new ideas, or fresh ways of looking at existing challenges.

These same quotations can also inspire and motivate your customers and clients. 

A motivated customer is a buying customer.

If you are presenting to a meeting, quotes can help to support and validate your ideas, claims and arguments.  If the quote is from someone well known it could even help sway your audience to start thinking along new paths.

New videos will be continually and regularly added to this website covering many subjects from the slightly irreverent and amusing to the deep and meaningful words that have echoed through the years.

It is hoped that these short videos, using quotations, will help benefit you and your customers.

Below is a list of subjects about which we have found suitable sayings and quotations.  The range of subjects will continue to be expanded along with the number of videos in each subject, so come back often to find the new videos.

Motivation, Funny,  General (no particular subject).

And many more to come!

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