Easy Editing Video For Busy Businesses

Editing video for your business has become much easier than it used to be.  Artificial intelligence is helping iron out some of the complex challenges of traditional film making.  So to add a few nips and tucks to your marketing videos is now comparatively simple. 

Is Editing Video Really Necessary?

The short answer is, “yes.”  The longer answer is also, “yes,” but that’s followed by lengthy explanations which get very boring, so you don’t need to know.  Just accept “Yes,” you will need to do some tweaking.

Your videos need to show you, your business and your team as being highly professional in your chosen field.  However, the videos don’t need to be showbiz spectaculars. 

In fact your videos can be a lot more effective if they are not highly polished productions.  If there is an element of “this is us, warts-n-all,” it can show that you are not only professional but also human.  Your customers will love you.

To edit a 90 minute documentary takes a lot of skill and technical know-how.  However, the majority of business videos range between 30 seconds and 2 minutes which makes the editing process so much easier.

Video Editing Software

There is now an abundance of editing software available and they all do similar things, though often in different ways.  If you have yet to test your video editing skills there will be a bit of a learning curve, but it need not be huge.

Excluding the expensive professional software, there are a lot of inexpensive apps available.  Most, if not all, of which will easily do what you need.

There is also a growing army of free software ranging from highly powerful programs down to some experimental offerings.  The main difference between them seems to be their complexity.  How easy or difficult they are to learn and use.

For example: the free software “DaVinci Resolve” is excellent and very powerful.  It would be ideal if you want to make editing video your main focus because it is extremely capable software, but there are downsides.

  • It is resource hungry, so your computer needs to be fit and healthy, plus
  • It’s very complex and time consuming to learn.

If you only want to make a couple of short business videos a month, that massive learning curve may not be worth your time investment.  There are easier ways.

Free Trial

The good news is that programs you have to pay for tend to allow a free trial period which gives you the chance to test them out.  If you do decide to buy, make sure it’s a one-off payment otherwise you will be paying a monthly fee whether you use it or not. 

Another way to learn about video editing apps is to first read the reviews online and make a list of those you think might suit you.  Next, hop over to YouTube and search again. 

People love to share their knowledge and skills on YouTube so search your list of product names.  There’s bound to be lots of willing souls happy to show you how it all works.


Editing video is much like editing text. The editor of the written word massages the narrative to bring clarity.  The video editor trims and polishes the raw material until it tells the story that was intended.

With a simple editing package plus a little knowledge and practice, editing video becomes much easier, even exciting. Here is a challenge for you. 

  • Draft out some ideas (script) for a 60 second talking head video.
  • Sit in front of your camera and record your deliveries.
  • When you have enough footage, drop it into your chosen video editor and tweak it.
  • Add an intro, an outro and some suitable background music.
  • Upload it to YouTube and embed it on your website.
  • Start planning your next videos.

 Here is to your success with editing video

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