The Best Video Marketing For Your Business

The best video marketing happens when every aspect of your video is in balance.  When trying to achieve this balance you will be faced by a number of important questions. 

The questions line themselves up in a neat row and go something like this;

  • “What style of video do I make”?  To answer that question you need to know,

  • “Why am I making this video”? The answer to that can be found in;
  • “Who is going to see this video”? Which leads neatly onto the most important question;
  • “Who is my target audience”?

As can be seen, your audience determines your video style.  Different audiences call for different types of video.  This should not be a surprise because exactly the same principle applies when you first start communicating with someone you haven't met before.

Your first approach will be determined by the hundreds of pieces of information your brain is assimilating about the situation.  Your entire style of communication at a casual, jeans and tee-shirt gathering will be very different to that at a formal function.

The same applies to your online communication.  A video designed to be seen by a newcomer to your website will have a different look and feel to one reconnecting with existing clients through your video newsletter.

Your Best Video Marketing Style

There are many different styles of marketing video.  They can be used on their own or often combined with other styles for greater interest.  Here are a few of the easier ones.

Talking head

As the name suggests, it’s a head and shoulders shot of you or your team in front of a camera, delivering whatever topic has been planned for the video. Depending upon your niche, handy hints always go down well.

Try, “handy hints for growing prize winning tomatoes.”

Talking heads are often used as ‘video business cards’ and are great at connecting with your audience on a personal or emotional level.  You are seen as a real person; not an unknown hiding behind a touched-up photograph or animated avatar.

Product or Service Spotlight

These get closer to video advertising, but they are not advertising.  Product videos show product only and usually only one product at a time, though a few very similar products linked together could also work.

Service spotlight videos will often have people in them.  It could be a talking head, or a video demonstrating the benefits of the service.

To provide enough useful information they would need to be at least 30 seconds in length, but certainly not more than 60 seconds.  Make several spotlight videos and release them as a video campaign.



Testimonials, either video or audio, are easy to get, easy to make and very effective.  Most people giving video testimonials will only want to say a few words or sentences, which is ideal.  Anything longer than 15 seconds stands the chance of becoming boring.

Make sure they are not too, "rah, rah" because gushing accolades are boring and tend to sound false.


Screen capture

Maybe your best video marketing style is the screen capture.

Recording what is happening on your screen is very easy and super useful when it comes to showing complicated things.  It could be a PowerPoint presentation or software demonstration.

The bonus is that you don’t even need a camera; that's taken care of by the software.  “Camtasia” is the best screen capture software and a very fine editing tool, but it carries a price tag.  To start with you might want to try one of the many others including free stuff.

The rule when presenting PowerPoint to a live audience is, “never read what is on the slide,” unless you want to see how many people you can put to sleep.  However, when making a video of a PowerPoint slideshow, the opposite is true.  You can ad-lib a bit, but the audience expects you to read the slides.

Unlike the ‘talking head', it’s a lot more difficult to gain an emotional connection with your audience because they can't see you. 


Side bar: That last statement is not entirely accurate .  There is a way of showing yourself in a corner of the screen, while also showing the screen capture.  It's called "screen in screen, or picture in picture" and it's created during the editing stage.  I'll cover that in another article.


If you are a bit camera-shy, screen capture could suit you.  It’s a way of finding your own best video marketing system without having to wear a mannequin mask.

On second thoughts, a mannequin mask could be a cool branding tool!

It worked for the Loan Ranger!

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