Your Business Videos

You want amazing business videos for your website and social media pages, but where do you start and what will it cost?  It's easy to learn about all the latest equipment and software, but that knowledge won't get you far.  There is something else.

There is something more than just equipment and software.  It's the single most important ingredient that every business video must have.  It is beyond value, but won't put a scratch on your budget. 

More on that secret ingredient later.

Why Use Business Video?

Who Needs Business Videos?

The term, ‘business videos’ is so stuffy and boring.  It does nothing to express the vibrancy and effectiveness of this natural communication tool.  Videos are universal, so they work equally well for any venture including;

  • Solo business operators
  • Small business
  • Corporation
  • Churches
  • Not for profit organizations
  • Clubs
  • Charities

With the growth and obvious popularity of video, why is it that so many businesses remain reluctant to take the plunge?

Two of the recurring ‘reasons’ we hear are;

  • It’s too expensive and
  • It’s too complicated. 

For many years, both of those statements were true, but not now.  Advances in technology mean that, with a little knowledge and imagination, you could create a marketing video in a matter of minutes.

Your business competition - the ones that shy away from making business video – are your best friends because they are handing you business on a plate.  But beware the competition that uses video. They are the ones to keep an eye on.

By embracing video you become the winner.

It's Too Expensive

When the mysterious world of video is raised in discussion, the decision makers holding the purse strings often become gripped by fear.  They perceive a dark world full of unknown demons that devour advertising budgets in a single gulp.

They are guided by their budgeting anxieties and fail to see the durability of the medium.  They also fail to see that videos can be faithful servants who never let you down.  Dedicated little Trojans working for you without rest.

How valuable is it to have a small army of video Trojans, diligently promoting you, 24/7? Sensational!

As for the budget munching demons; they only exist if you let them.

How To Take Control

There are many levels of video control.  A sliding scale between the two extremes of:

   1.   Appeasing the demons by feeding them lots of money. 

If you have that sort of budget; congratulations.  You can afford to employ an expert team to design and provide professional looking videos.  You will end up with a great job and my colleagues in the video industry will love you.

   2.   Starving the demons into submission. 

Video demons feed on people’s lack of knowledge. Therefore, every bit of knowledge you gain about their secret world, reduces their life giving confidence and increases yours.  When it comes to demon baiting, knowledge truly is power.

If your advertising purse is less than generous, say about zero, you can still make business videos.  You can start by making your first business videos at no financial cost at all. 

Naturally, such videos will have their limitations.  So after a while you may see an advantage in investing some of the extra profits that your videos have created by gearing up slightly.  Or maybe not.  Spending bucket-loads on the most expensive fishing rod does not guarantee more fish.

From the experience you gain you will know which style, or styles, of video are best for you and your business.  You will also understand what, if any, additional equipment or knowledge you may need.

The strong message is; don’t go spending money on equipment you think you might need.  You probably won’t need it; even though that nice man in the store said it was essential. 

Keep your powder dry.  There’s plenty of time to buy the latest 4K, 3D wiz-bang Super-Cam, if that’s what you really want. You just don't need it.

The Secret Ingredient

The first question is usually, “what equipment do I need?” That is closely followed by, "How does this all come together" and "What do I do now?"

Even the term, ‘video equipment’ can cause alarm to any cash-strapped business.  Visions of astounding looking cameras and lighting rigs at prices guaranteed to rattle your bank manager’s teeth. 

But cameras, lighting, and audio equipment are of secondary importance.  The one secret ingredient, the one that will breathe life into your videos is YOU.  Or more accurately, it’s your imagination, your vision of where you want to go, your knowledge and the passion you have for your business and customers. 

You know your business inside out. There is not one aspect of it that you can't talk about with enthusiasm and that is exactly what you are going to do.

It need not be you alone.  It can include anyone from your team of experts, each with their own valuable knowledge and experience.  Brief, genuine testimonials from happy customers make wonderful videos.

Summary.  Every Video Tells A Short Story

Even a very short video can tell a story.

Think of one small aspect of your business that you want to talk about.  Know the story you want to tell about it.  It could be a single benefit from a product, or service.  It could be a short story about what motivates you, or a goal you have set for helping your customers. 

Just think of one subject at a time.  Each short video you make will only contain only one subject. 

Close your eyes and visualize your story being told in pictures.  Make notes of the images you saw in your mind’s eye, or sketch them out - matchstick figures are just fine.  Well done, you are more than half way towards your first business video.

Everything starts with a thought.  Run those thoughts through your imagination and you have a vision.  Those visions become your goals.  Add a pinch of video making knowledge and your dream videos will materialize into reality.

Okay, there are a few technical bits and pieces to learn, but it's not much and we can sort that out together.

Welcome to the fun and exciting world of business video.  Let your dreams begin?

~ ~
"Facts Tell,  Stories Sell."

~ ~